Serangoon Affinity Condo

Serangoon Ville was sold to the Oxley Holdings for astonishing 499M USD. This is now known as Serangoon Affinity Condo and centrally located in the Serangoon North Avenue. Oxley-Serangoon is a joint venture that acquired the property. This includes the following business partners, businesses of Heeton Holdings and KSH Holdings, the Oxley Holdings, Apricot Capital and Lian Beng Group. 296,913 sq ft is the total computed area of this triangular shaped land property For an amount of $575 million, Rio Casa, another property in Hougang, is bought by the partnership of Apricot Capital, KSH, Lian Beng and Oxley.

The Group has a different portfolio comprising development and investment ventures in Singapore, the uk, and Ireland in europe etc. Consultancy projects and mission management is what Oxley’s has served in Myanmar. For 99 years covered lease, the joint venture businesses, are going to pay $195 million. Once the additional charges and expenses are added to the cost of the real estate, the cost per sq. ft becomes $835.

Serangoon Ville is now Affinity at Serangoon

Affinity at Serangoon amenities surrounds a wide range of amenities and hassle-free transportation connections. Serangoon’s transportation means, recreational alternatives and safer facilities ensure the visitors of their satisfying stay. Wide range of opportunities are expected to develop in the Serangoon Sub-regional Centre.

The amenities available for the citizens and its tactical place for commercial advancement make Affinity at Serangoon attractive to potential client house owners.

Affinity at Serangoon Brought to you by Oxley

Affinity at Serangoon developer Oxley is launching another iconic residential condo in district 19. Property upgrading tasks have improved the physical environment in areas including Braddell Hills and Seletar Hills. Greater residential sites could be made available for enhancement in Serangoon slowly but surely while doing so as the subsequent initiatives will further embellish the dwelling natural environment for residents.

Greenwich V and Affinity at Serangoon Proximity

The newly completed Greenwich V, a brand new retail location supplying fresh new shopping and eating solutions. In the northeastern part of the property there are numerous parks that can be effortlessly entered for those travelling from Affinity at Serangoon Condo. There is a recreation area connectors Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park which get you to Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5.

Convenient Means of Travel Back to Affinity at Serangoon

Residents of Affinity at Serangoon can benefit the accessibility for works to office buildings at Serangoon Central as well as other probable business opening at Serangonon North. That means going home after a tedious and hectic work is less anxiety and would take reduced time travel. It is now possible through a brief walk or a quick bus travel via Serangoon MRT station.

Experience True Nature at Serangoon Garden Near Affinity at Serangoon

Serangoon garden could be regarded as an identity node to hold its unique character and laid backappeal. There are different food hangouts to choose from in this location specially that the scenery has been low rise in style to supplement if you’re looking for foodstuff. Serangoon Garden Circus is a neighborhood landmark protected by its developer by putting a street block to counteract urbanization from stepping into the venue, thus availing the true beauty of the garden even in your immediate future with out deterioration.